Tour Berlin Wall

The Iron Curtain


Molecule Man -The aluminium sculpture on the River Spree where Berlin's divided neighbourhoods meet.

Wall of shame or anti-fascist barrier?

(90 Min.)

155 km of reinforced concrete, barbed wire and surveillance sentries kept Berlin divided until 9 November 1989.

Together we will walk along the route of the Berlin Wall in Bernauer Strasse, we will enter the so-called death strip to get a closer idea of the resources used to prevent East Berliners from escaping to the West.
We will visit the Documentation Centre and the Chapel of Reconciliation, a church that happened to be casually but inconveniently right in no man’s land and that was therefore demolished.  

In August 1961 the difficult decision was made: a wall was to divide Berlin and separate families and political ideals. A deep, sad and painful scar that is still visible in some areas of the city

From that day on, Berlin was charged with all the dangerous tensions of the Cold War and its citizens reacted, first by trying to understand and then by accepting the new face of the city.


Don´t miss the extraordinary creation of the view of divided Berlin, a work by artist Yadegar Asisi, showing aspects of everyday life in East and West Berlin on a fictitious autumn day in the 1980s.

Berlin, June 26, 1963

Freedom is indivisible, and when one man is enslaved, all are not free.

All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin,


as a free man,

I take pride in the words

“Ich bin ein Berliner!”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Tour Berlin Wall




The Wall in the lives of Berliners


The Death Strip


The years of the Cold War


Documentation Centre

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