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891.8 km²
12 districts
3.567 million citizens

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Behind the Covid silence, the city has kept breathing through the eco of the events that took place in its squares, greaen areas, streets and old buildings.

Berlin is alive, recovering but newly vibrant, with a lot of energy to be found in its most unknown corners. Our team of local, informal and certified guides aims to show you the soul of the city and  give you the opprtunity of gaining an insight into its neighborhoods, understand its lifestyle interacting with natives.

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Are we sure we know the city we are living in?

44 % of the urban area is green: 439,971 trees in 2012.

Along Berlin Wall there were 302 control towers.

There are more kebab sellers in Berlin than in Istanbul. A total of 1600.

Berlin is the only city in the world to have three Opera houses.

494,900 foreigners from 185 different countries reside in Berlin.

Every weekend between 40,000 and 50,000 people (will) dance (again) in Berlin’s clubs.

An annual total of almost 3 million.


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Stasi Museum

& Stasi Prison


German Democracy Headquarter 

Silent Heroes

Berlin Jewish Quarter

Nazi Berlin

Dark Chapters

Silent Heroes
Berlin Jewish Quarter

Berlin Capital City

The Reichstag Dome


The Golden Twenties

A century later

Berlin Wall

Life in the divided city


Why visit Berlin with us?

Every day we walk along streets that gradually become familiar often unaware of the fact that, because of the events that devastated the city in the 20th century, many buildings have been rebuilt several times and the various governments that have followed (Monarchy, Republic, National Socialism, FRG and GDR) have used them for different purposes.

Schloß Berlin (ex Palast der Republik in DDR)

This city has been the stage for epochal, often catastrophic events that have upset the geopolitical structure of the European continent.
Europe as we know it and in which we all live today was largely made because of Berlin.
Scars and triumphs are still visible to those with eyes to see.
Every nook and cranny hides a story of a victim or perpetrator humanity, persecuted, murdered or trapped in the eye of the Cold War storm.


The joyful, multicultural and functional city that we all enjoy today was probably born on 3 November 1989, when the Iron Curtain came down and a wind of change finally began to blow.

Every year around 30 Millions people choose Berlin as their holiday location.

Most of them come back many because they simply want to understand better…

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